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If any of these photos move you to the point of wishing you had a copy to hang on your wall, you're in luck! A subset of the photographs you see here are available to purchase as fine art prints—along with assorted other nature images—at Most are offered in three sizes, including large signed, numbered limited editions of twenty-five.

Any image available as a print is flagged by a red-colored bird icon—the link to the Beech Hill Bird Checklist—at the upper-right corner of its main display page. The image may then be purchased by clicking its "Buy" link, at which point you'll be taken directly to its associated page at As you have likely discovered, clicking "Buy" on the pages of photos unavailable for purchase will bring you here. (Incidentally, you'll note that several images here are of substandard quality and unworthy of printing; I decided to include them anyway to document a particular species in situ.) You may also click any available-for-purchase photo directly to access its associated page on

For more information about these prints, the photographer, and/or his dog, please visit the About page. Or, as always, please feel free to get in touch with me directly at Thank you.

All Photos Copyright ©2021 Brian Willson/Three Islands Press